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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm +03

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to my all the three days isn't the debt as she. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. one on one east meets those desperately seeking love any way they can at this time on al-jazeera. i'm. sure you know. some of their like. north korea says its athletes will be at the winter olympics in south korea and a military hotline to be restored as the two nations talk for the first time in two years. m.j.
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doesn't this is al jazeera live from doha we're going to beijing now the french president is there with his chinese counterpart they've just signed a communique let's listen to she's been paying delegate for ring state dignitaries it's all head of state that i received in two thousand and eighteen and this is also the first state visit. of president micro paid to china just now we have talked about. china and france and other. issues that's with those concerned we have a. well have also discussed the issues that both interesting also signed some contracts agreements between the two countries plus in the back room and myself those are great but at the moment the world is faced with a very deepening and complicated. ching ching event in the world globalization. and so issuing from information is spreading our fast and polarized
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world that we are facing of course with development between the two countries between the countries. is deepening and peaceful is deepening and prosperity cannot be changed at the same time international situations there are still some uncertainties and unstabilized. are we are faced with the same challenges in the world china and from friend. i have both other countries with cultural background and also we are a permanent members of the united nations security council and we have all. of our responsibilities and we have our historical responsibilities we will keep you know a very friendly relations and start a new beginning and also we will develop and maintain the china and french
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relationship to bacha served to two peoples or two countries and we have jointly agreed to that. have a very deep pening and very friendly. communications and i have a very high level communications. serve serve our two countries and then strategic economic dialogue and high level a culture people exchange an american is. we've. got our countries maintain our wrists respect and respect differences respect to each other and they're looking to. the core interests of those countries to push overall complete comprehensive strategic partnership to make this relationship sustainable . and house and a stable development where those who agreed to have to have held
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a high level problematic relationship deep in our. aerospace space and a j and traditional. in this traditionally were deep in our corporations and also improved the food agriculture sustainable development green manufacture and finance corporation. i have new technology we have the modern manufacturing and all of these frontline. industry corporations we will have a deepening third party market corporations china well commerce french to come to the one but one road construction and where your support each other under the framework of one road one boat or one road one boat. from now to call precious we have both agreed that we will we will proactively
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encourage both sides to take part in construction are problematic and promote a corporation also a culture and people exchange. the two thousand and twelve two thousand and ten two to beijing going to olympics and. and two thousand and twenty four trial us france summer olympics to greece as an opportunity to do can our cooperation where both agree or support more mccann is me oh measures to facilitate or make it easier for people exchange we have joint decided that more comprehensive international coverage to we're going to do it and that will be followed by their principles of united nations. constitution and we'll
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have a multilateral or green meant to improve the global. issues it was change a little face with the climate change and terrorism and. other challenges we were we were china will be working together with the french side and then we have a mutual wing wing situation under the forces framework where we situation it will have a new strategy a new strategy and then have a human fate which will be contributing to the more prosperity of human humanity in the world we have also discussed about china and european relationships. and china china. all unification we support the unification of the europe europe and we are confident with the future of europe. we are. willing to work together with the europe to deepen our relationships and our mutual when going
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for cooperation and will push forward china europe europe peace revolution reform culture. strategic partner construction much we were expected was we respond we hope with french we will be playing more vital role in unification to europe and we will be working together with french to support. to achieve that and finally thank the journalist who worked for your concerns for your interest in sewing to the china and french aleutian we wish you the new year a smooth and more prosperity. thank you thank you she is in paying their just summing up the two days of talks and the beijing relationship between china and france are they going to be wed hold
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together on the one belt one road project that's listen to what michael has to say still ladies and gentlemen i should just like to thank the president and the chinese authorities for the very warm welcome. which we have been given and it is clear that people are expecting us and she didn't think has accompanied a sperry kindly on these visits as you know mr president this is the first visit. has made a broad in twenty eight. this. has been the first visit also from a western leader since the congress the communist party congress of china yesterday i was. in. one of a town which belongs to you one which did to you which you are bound to where you
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spent a number of years of your life. managed to witness. great swathes of cheney's history and. the speech which. i made reference to that and i think that is in perfect harmony with what you have just now said i have also seen victoria's. china. sky scrapers the. big investment international nature which has been made in the new china which is a real hallmarks of the new century which is opening up now and will also with the attempt to bring people out of poverty and a new era as you said is opening up now with. one which has to do with the chinese situation in the strategy of which are you blind the one nine hundred congress is. a real ambitious
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strategy for your country and one she's aimed at a greater world harmony in general because at the moment we stand. a. where lots of technological environmental changes afoot. and because we are experiencing also a period of very profound instability in which terrorism and radicalism is jeopardizing our progress and also we have between us. very. propitious. temporal convergence. we have years in front of us for this new context this. concerted. trustworthy cooperation opening up before us and one of
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a perfectly reciprocal nature you have determined the main thrust of all that bilateral international and so. which i fully agree with globally both france and china. are responding to a number of very international challenges. the. first one of course is climate i should like to thank the president. reaffirming the chinese strategy and determination to combat global warming which he did last year in paris. europe has allowed us to keep to that agreement but also to accelerate the ratifications which were in the pipeline on the close of december
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last year through the participation of your prime minister at the summit of one planet held in. paris you and your decision to. restructure the chinese or coal industry this is a very profound and important change. and i hope very much that together in the years to come we will be able to work together in order to get back to a kind of civilised energy model much so i think that's very. timely and. agents in charge of that. is where billions. will be working in that direction we are going to concentrate scientific research on that to accelerate this transition to france wants to be there. when these technological changes take
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place and the kind of changes which china needs. and we are very much that we will be able to do. together with you a roadmap about. technology and business. and we will be working internationally together as well and we believe that twenty twenty will be a landmark date because of course china will be presiding the. summit . and we are working together. very closely. packed with france was responsible for working closely on that within the u.n. . framework. these are very specific initiatives
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on our common agenda in particular. satellite cooperation which i will be going to see tomorrow. and i think that this be taken as a very close cooperation between the respective agencies. and also. in line with all the specific consequences which will stem from operation on climate change as well we also of course talked about international crises. president. crisis when you north korea and just like straight here that right in the beginning from the beginning we have been working together in the security council of the u.n. ever since december on that so that we make sure that the international
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community brings its weight to bear on the situation and bring things back to normality. i am particularly concerned about this for china which is a neighbor of north korea and very much the.


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